Through the simple massage of a point located under the armpit.


aisselle gauche

Place your right hand flat under your left armpit, so that your index finger is positioned at the back of it.


Press and look for the space between the ribs (like a valley), find one point (or several) which will be very painful when pressed. At different heights, always between the ribs, search for a little ball of fat (lipodystrophy) which will roll underneath your finger. This is the point we are talking about!




To make the attack stop: massage this point until you cannot stand the pain anymore, staying well within this valley horizontally, front to back and vice-versa, while breathing deeply with your chest.


If, at the end of 1 to 2 minutes of massaging, the attack persists, look for another point between the ribs below or above, and massage it again.

autre point

Please note

This stopping point only works with exhaling difficulties

It is of no use in the event of inhaling difficulties ( in this case, see " Stopping a false asthma attack " )

Please note

Breath calmy. The attack stops in 2 to 3 minutes

Monitoring by a Gesret® method practitioner is needed to make attacks disappear.