The Gesret method® is a manual therapy method in its own right.

Each practitioner listed in the directory has signed an agreement with SCP GESRET, which owns the rights and guarantees the method. They undertake to practise the method as taught to them, and to follow the Gesret® method practitioners’ code of practice.

They have passed both the initial training examination and mandatory annual lifelong training.

They benefit from ongoing support from trainers and instructors on request, all of whom are approved by SCP GESRET.

In very difficult cases, a patient may be seen by a trainer or instructor, accompanied by their practitioner.

This sets the Gesret method® practitioners’ professional network apart from all others, with practitioners delivering the very best quality of care for all patients.

This directory guarantees that you will see an approved practitioner. Any individual not listed here is not recognised as a Gesret method® practitioner (some may no longer be recognised due to a lack of quality and ethics in their practice).