Dealing with the causes of asthma, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, GERD, chronic bronchitis, chronic otitis, chronic lumbago, sciatica, cruralgia, torticollis, etc.:

Explaining asthma (true asthma)

The ribs are formed by bones and cartilage. These different parts are connected by a joint known as the “chondrocostal junction”. When a chondrocostal joint is subluxated (slightly out of place) it produces a slightly abnormal message with each respiratory movement.

This abnormal message goes through a ganglion close to the lungs which, being unable to analyse it, sends it directly to the central nervous system (CNS).

The CNS recognises this message as coming from the pulmonary nervous system, and interprets it as being caused by a foreign body in one of the bronchi, signalling danger. The foreign body must be prevented from going further. However, the message is incorrect: there is no foreign body.

Unfortunately, the CNS considers all the messages it receives to be true, so there is then a defence reaction to eliminate this non-existent foreign body: coughing, followed by the production of mucus.

Worse still, this non-existent foreign body then seems to get larger, because of the impact of coughing on the subluxated chondrocostal joints. As a last resort, the CNS causes a bronchospasm.

Stopping an asthma attack using the stop point.

Finding the stop point and stopping the attack.

NB: Stop points are an emergency solution in the event of an attack.

They in no way deal with the cause, and do not prevent the occurrence of asthma or factitious asthma in the long term.

Treatment by a Gesret method® practitioner is necessary to get rid of attacks.